Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Me Without Him

Moving through time
A spiritual being
Trapped in an earthen vessel 
Longing to be free
Needing to breath
Struggling in the flesh
Warring with the emotions
Thirsting for home
Striving for the goal
Seeking out the crown of
Everlasting jewels of righteousness 
Hoping for praise with life giving words

Spending eternity free of pain
No more tears
Nothing but joy
Walking the streets of gold
My heavenly home awaits
For I am an alien in a foreign land
This is not my home
I'm only passing through

I am not alone
He walks with me
Even though I do not see
He talks to me
Even though at times I do not hear
He carries me
Even when I feel left out in the cold
He cares for me
Even when all hope seems lost
He watches, waits and moves
Only when His time is right

He is love
I am love thirsty
He is giving
I am selfish
He is strong
I am weak
He has a plan
I am clueless

Me without Him
Him without me
changes nothing

He is Love

Me Without Him...

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