Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Udder Appreciation

Our monthly poetry group decided to do a second post this month...Cow Appreciation Day! YES!! We went there, be sure to check out the other post, listed at the bottom of my post.
Here in NC there is a delicious chicken fast food place called Chic-fil-a, and every so often they have cow appreciation, if you dress like a cow or wear cow print you get a free sandwich! Because cows love and endorse chicken eating! LOL

Udder Appreciation
Bovine, Bovine,
won'tcha be mine.
with big brown eyes,
that look so kind.
It's cow appreciation time
And I'm doing my best,
not to be like the rest.
You are an udder delight,
when on my plate at night.
Where's the beef?
Between a bun,
Over rice,
served with beans as chili at night.
Your milk is rich, sweet and light,
but when chocolate is added,
it makes it taste out of sight!
Cow Appreciation
we must acknowledge
your sweet existence,
that helps our life.
It may sound mean, cruel or slight
but we could not go a single night,
without your yummy taste
in our tummies dee-light!
You feed us, entertain us and yes
even cloth us.
So thank you cows and farmers everywhere for all you do...
I appreciate cows,
how about you?


  1. HA! You touched all the bases. Cow Appreciation poetry started as a joke, but truth is we really do have a lot to appreciate,

  2. Oh, I SO agree with every word! Thank you cows!
    And thank you, Dawn! :)


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