Friday, July 14, 2017

Exuberant Vacation

Today is the day! We set off on our family vacation. The kids are totally beside themselves with anticipation. I am busy trying to get everyone organized and packed. 
Finally later in the day, the packing is done, the garden has been harvested one last time before we leave and the kids were outside chasing firefly or lightening bugs. They are giddy and I'm praying they will sleep tonight. Twilight was a perfect time for catching these lovely
The 4th of July, a family vacation, fireworks, walks on the beach, playing in the surf, sipping Mia Tia's by the pool...ah yes I am so ready for this.
After a restless night, I kept going over the packing list in my head, it was dawn and since sleep eluded me, I gave in and started prepping for our departure.
Wouldn't you know it, I didn't even get the first cup of coffee down before the herd came barreling down the steps. WOW how could they possibly be so exuberant and loud so early in the morning? 
So with my list in hand I start assigning task, if not this crowd will be running around and I'll be stuck doing all the work.
Door bell rings, kids go berserk, dog is barking, cat is hissing, I'm about to pull out my hair! Then I hear the voice of an angel!! It's my dear sweet just in the nick of time friend Di. She has come to house/pet sit while we are away and aide me in getting this crowd loaded. Oh gosh I don't know what I'd do without her.
We discuss details, she helps corral the troops and load the jeep. Much sooner than I had thought we are barreling down the road singing 70's songs at the top of our lungs.
Yes, this vacation is just what we need.

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  1. I read this and I started thinking about what I needed to pack for our vacation. It's stressful and nervewracking. Sighs... I alwyas need a vacation after vacation.

    We too have an amazing dog sitter, but thankful my parents can watch our dog this time.

  2. Have a happy wonderful vacation! I leave next week for North Carolina...and need to get on it and start packing for mom and me! :) Yay for dog sitters-I have a wonderful one who will keep my pups occupied and Im not worried bc they are in good loving hands.

  3. I am not a fan of packing AT ALL. Good for you for getting it all done, with the help of your youngsters even. Have a great vacation!

  4. I am the most organized person on the planet, yet didn't do the best job of packing when I went to Marco Island in March or to Boston last August. I'm blaming old age.

  5. Excellent job with the words! And now I want to go on your vacation. Do you loan out Di?

  6. Sounds like a fabulous time! I need a vacation badly, but I have two weeks to go! Have fun! Great use of your words.


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