Sunday, July 23, 2017

A hot tip...

I drive for a living in the customer service industry...we have some VERY interesting folks. sometimes they border on "ready for a padded room" and sometimes they are VERY wealthy, powerful business men and women.

This particular day, it was...well let's say odd.

We had reached the destination and he paid his fare. He reached in his pocket and drew out several small odd items.

Yep, that's it. My tip. He said with a sly smile and looking around to see if anyone was around, "you know these bottle caps are worth money"
I almost laughed, but saw the seriousness in his weathered face.
"Well sir, I can't accept drugs".
"Oh that thar ain't no drug, it's power pills. If ya take'em it will give you clarity of the future and make ya smarter."
Oh my...
"well, thank you. And the rock? Is it special?"I asked him not sure what he would say and honestly not expecting what I got.
"That thar ain't no rock, that's a piece of the planet that the aliens took me to. We ain't the only ones ya know. They are watching us, waiting for the right time to take over."

He looked around, quickly got out of the car and disappeared into the bushes by the building.
WOW, now that was one strange bird as my Granddaddy would have said.

An alien rock, intelligent pills and money caps...yeah that was my hot tip for the day! LOL
FYI I smelled the pills and I'm pretty sure they were garlic, but either way it all went in the trash. So if anyone finds these items and tries them. You're welcome.

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