Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reflection Of My Past Life

This post is part of a writing challenge. Each month a group of wonderful blog buddies and I get together for a poetry challenge. We post creative writing challenges on Fridays and it is different each week but repeats monthly. We also do a poetry challenge, this is where we pick a topic and each write our own take on that topic.
This month: reflection was chosen. Be sure to read to the end as you'll find links to their pages.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
A Reflection Of My Past Life
Looking back I see a little girl
scared, unsure and all alone
she searches for meaning
she tries to fit in
searching in vain 
for some encouragement of sorts
she finds something called love
it is dysfunctional
like most of her life
 she grabs hold determined not to let go
falling, faster into the depths of destruction
she looks up
begging for help
but none is to be found
life, love and destruction
she starts over
she finds love
she grabs hold
but again it is in vain
half her life is gone now
she must start over
yet again
this time she looks around
there is no help
she must help herself
she gives herself a pep talk
pulls herself up by the boot straps
she stands tall
takes a deep breath
walks forward into the night
 to begin again
alone but not scared
she will make
she has to
life, self love and no more destruction
she walks like the night
silent and strong
she stands like the mountains
tall, firm and unwavering
she flies like the eagle
high and majestic
the reflection of the past 
only relevant in her eyes when she is alone
she grew, she stood, she survived
because he said she couldn't
because she has to


  1. Such a tribute to overcoming adversity, to strength and to power and to hope. Love it, Dawn.

  2. wow, a poem focused on achievement and empowerment. excellent

  3. "life, self love and no more destruction"

    Now, that is the way to break the cycle and truly live. <3


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