Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Can I "Admit You're Happy" - poetry challenge

Once a month several of us, brave folks who want to be poets, get together on a theme and write down our verse. Some are fabulous at it, some are brave like me. This month the theme... "Admit You're Happy" this was difficult for me. I have never given myself permission to be happy unless it was okay with "him" whoever "him" was at the time.
Domestic violence is at epidemic proportions these days and it's not just women being abused. Men are abused but keep silent more than women. If you are in a domestic abuse situation PLEASE seek help, there is help out there, and yes it is scary to speak up.
Domestic Abuse Hotline
But please, please do if not for yourself, for those who really love you and care.

Can I...
Admit You're Happy
Can I...
Admit I stopped caring the day you left
Can I...
Be myself for once in my life
Can I...
Walk around and smile
and not feel guilty
Can I...
Really be happy without you
Can I...
move forward
Can I...
live a full life without you
Can I...
get healing from the abuse
Can I...
tell my story
Can I...
help others from what I've learned
Can I...
find my voice
Can I...
Admit I'm Happy?

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  1. I'm so glad that you are finally at this place and taking steps forward. I'm proud to know you.

    1. Aww thank you. It has been a long hard road but hopefully things will be smoother from here on out.

  2. Having been in what I feel is a similar boat, good for you! And the poem is fabulous!


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