Friday, August 11, 2017

The Tragic Triangle - UYW

She sat in the car outside of her ex's house. The massive New England style home that could have been hers, should have been hers but no...Melanie lived there. UGH! Just the thought of the name made the acid in her stomach reach her mouth. Hot and frothy like that bubble headed Melanie!
Chaos reigned in her life now. She constantly felt guilty for leaving but knew she would not have survived another year, no day, no moment in that house of loveless fakery.
Yes, she faked everything with Adam. Her happiness, her joy in volunteering at his office parties, the office party chit chat, the PTA meetings, in bed, especially in bed. His love making was flimsy, pathetic and boring.
Bravo Melanie, you won the golden goose. The only thing Adam was good for was making money.
There was the He used it and his powers of persuasion to get what he wanted, bribery. Yes he even bribed his own children for their time and affection. He was turning them into brats and they wanted to spend more and more time with him and not her.
She hated Adam. Sometimes she wished she was invisible so she could walk around inside of his house and see exactly what went on. Then again, she didn't want to know. What if everyone truly was happier there than in her small penniless sad little world.
There they were, living in that massive home, with the elaborate income, cars, a yacht, even his own private plane.
What did she have? Besides contempt for his sorry lying cheating ass...That's what she had. She couldn't afford a good lawyer and so she got shafted. Now she worked two jobs, barely saw the boys, drove a broke down POS car and lived in a teeny tiny 2 bedroom apartment with roaches and a water leak.
Some times she thought about ending it all. No she would never do that, one it would hurt her kids and two she was chicken. OMG what if she tried and failed, like everything else she had attempted, what if she screwed up suicide and ended up a vegetable where she could hear everything  going on around her but was trapped in a shell of a body....oh God no! No! She would not go there.
Kim took a deep breath and let it out. At that very moment someone knocked on her window, scareing the beejeezes out of her. She let out a small yelp like a wounded puppy.
The very nice looking man laughed. "Are you okay miss? You've been sitting here for a while."
"Um, yes, I'm sorry. I came to pick up my kids and well, nevermind."
"Ah I see, you must be Kim. Hi (he extended his hand through the window) I'm George, I do the maintenance around here."
Of course, they have a maintenance man when I can't afford a can of Raid! Kim fumed inside but outside she smiled.
"Well, thank you for checking on me, I guess I should grab the boys and go."
"That will be hard to do." George said.
"Umm what do you mean?"
"Adam and Melanie aren't back yet and the boys are still at camp. They all arrive home Thursday."
WHAT THE.... She was about to explode.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?!" Try as she might, she was less than calm. The emotions were massive and the chaos was building in her trying to get out.
George, looking troubled now, said "I thought you knew, I'm so sorry. I can't believe they didn't tell you." He truly looked shocked and a little caught off guard.
"No, no, it's not your fault. But thank you so much for the information."
She threw the car in gear and tore off like a cat with his ass on fire. Oh she was livid! How DARE he do this!! How dare he...that was the last thought in her head before she heard the crash, before she felt the impact and saw the darkness.

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  1. Oh man, please tell me she didn't end up as a veggie!!

    The nerve this man has to send the kids to camp so he can spend some quality time with the new wife... Makes me fume, too.

  2. Very interesting chapter! Excellent use of the words :) Divorce is such a messy business.

  3. Another one! All of my wonderful talented writing friends have left me hanging today. Can't wait to see what happens to Kim next.

  4. HOLY MOLY, what a nerve wracking ending. I hope she is okay, divorce is so stressful, hope everyone finds their peace

  5. Oh wow! I didn't see that coming at all! Great job! I hope there is more to the story!


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