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Governmental Remote Location - SSS

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 11 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

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Driving along Hwy 12 headed West to my connection for I-94 not near a dang thing. Man I wish I wasn't so tired, then I wouldn't have made that wrong turn.
It was getting dark and the weather man was talking about threatening weather. Gee imagine that winter and threatening weather in the middle of Montana?!?!
Scooting down the road and the dash starts to ding, good grief, now what?! Looking down I curse, F**K! The gas light is on, are you kidding me??? Damn, of course I am NO WHERE near the interstate yet and according to google I'm about an hour from the nearest gas station. Great just damn great.
Well, I'll go as far as I can and I slowed down, hoping to conserve gas.
Almost 45 minutes later the car slowed to a stop. Well, this was it, out of gas and at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night IF I could walk to the gas station in this pitch black night without getting lost I was sure they would not be open. I mean come on, had anything gone right today? No!
Around 1 a.m. I can't take it any more so I ventured out of the car and shine my flashlight around. I see a small cabin in the tree line and head that way. Upon my approach I can see a glow, maybe a light? Maybe I'm too exhausted but I keep going.
I reach the cabin and knock, nothing, I try the door knob and it opens. I step inside and draw in a quick deep breath. WHAT THE??? It looks like something off NCIS lab or CSI internal workings. This is crazy, am I dreaming? There are monitors, computers, satellite feeds, desk, files...what the heck have I found?
Me being me, I'm looking around, careful not to move too much or leave fingerprints, little did i know I was being watched.
I was about to open a file cabinet when the door opened behind me...
"Well, well, what do we have here? A snoop? A spy? Or just some idiot who ran out of gas in the middle of no where?" said a very fierce looking woman. She wore a dark suit and was packing a side arm.
Gulp... "ugh I did run out of gas and was hoping to find help" I said in a very feeble voice, why did I feel that her eyes were piercing my very soul?
This feeling of inferiority was new to me, I mean come on, I'm a man, a man's man. Very fit and not half bad looking but she made me feel like a slug of sorts. That stare. Those eyes...but she was talking again.
"Sir, I need for you to step slowly away from the cabinet with your hands where I can see them."
Wait, what? "I was just looking around, I'm not a spy or criminal...I I " as I walked forward.
"STOP, do not take one more step!"
I froze. She walked forward, "Do you know where you are? What this is? Who I am?"
I was dumbfounded, "ugh no, no and no"
She did not look convinced. "Why pray tell were you out on this godforsaken road in the middle of the night AND in weather that is eminent?"
"well, I'm stupid, I wasn't paying attention, took a wrong turn or missed my turn and didn't see that I was low on gas..."
She looked at me in disbelief. "Are you joking sir? Do you really expect me to believe that?"
"ugh, yeeess."
"Right, well we'll see what Hugo finds on you, he'll be back any minute now. Stand right there and do not move." her gaze never left me and made me feel very uneasy. I mean come on, a dude named Hugo that was hidden in the woods in the middle of Montana with government equipment in a small cabin...I had a feeling I was in deep deep kimchi. 
Moments later a man who did not disappoint with a name like Hugo walked in, he was huge, no that was an understatement, he was a freaking walking wall!
Hugo came in like a thunder cloud with a voice to match his looks, bold, loud, deep and booming.
"He's clear. So now what do we do with him? He's seen too much."
ugh damn, are you kidding me? was my own government going to bump me off in the woods of Montana???? Sweating, shaking and I could feel panic rising...could I take them? No. What would they do? Would I be killed, dropped in a prison somewhere, or worse?
The light was blinding, what the heck...I tried to open my eyes but they felt swollen.
"sir, sir are you okay?"
I managed to open my eyes and there over me was an EMS worker. Wait, where was I, what was going on? The last thing I remembered I had just taken a wrong turn or realized it. I tried to open my mouth but no sound came out. I grabbed my throat! WHERE was my voice?!
"Sir can you talk? Can you tell us your name?"
Sure I knew my yeah it's...Bob, no Rob, Robert? Damn it what was my name? Where was my voice? Where was I?
"Sir, can you write your name for us" the EMS worker handed me a pen. I wrote "no hablo ingles."
"Does anyone speak Spanish over here??" the worker shouted.
What?! Spanish, WHY would you need a spanish speaker? I looked at the paper, what? WHY did I write that...

Your “Secret Subject” is:
I thought it would be fun to have you write a post based on a randomly generated online prompt: Write a story that takes place in the winter. During the story, someone's method of transportation breaks down. A character builds a house, but the action is misinterpreted. The story ends in a government building.
It was submitted by:          

Sorry Tamara! This was the best I could come up with for your prompt. I was at such a loss.


  1. I think you did a great job with this prompt! Of course,now I want to know more.......

  2. Oh my goodness, that was brilliant! I had no idea this was my prompt. You definitely kept me on my toes! "Hold it right there", intimidating, hahaha!

  3. This was a crazy hard prompt and you nailed it! Great job!

  4. I'm so jealous of people who can write a great story, off a prompt no less! Good job!

  5. Woah! So he's thinking in English and writing in Spanish! Crazy!!!!

  6. WHOA that was flipping awesome, you rocked this and I am freaking out. This would make an awesome horror movie.


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