Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Barefoot Days - June poetry

Welcome to the group poetry efforts of five bloggers, including myself. Each month we chose a theme and then set about putting our thoughts, feelings and rhyme on pages for you to read. At the bottom of the post you'll find the other links.
This month we chose "Barefoot Days" as our theme. For me, that is everyday. I am not a fan of shoes. Okay, I love heels but can no longer wear them. I spend my days barefooted. My pup knows if mama has on shoes, she is leaving.
It is my desire that you see my childhood summers in this Haiku. Thanks for stopping by.

Me running barefoot
jumping in puddles of rain
feeling slimy mud

it squishing between my toes
puddle jumping and splashing
long warm summer days

picking peas and corn
swimming, naps, firefly catching
blowing gum bubbles

pigtails a flying
chasing pretty butterflies
pink cheeks freckled nose

playing tag with friends
two dirty feet and scraped knees
a little girls dream

rainbows and toad frogs
flip flops and short sundresses
summer barefoot days

cousin sleepovers
reading stories by flashlight
making each day count

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  1. Love your haiku,brought me back to my own childhood. Perfect way to celebrate barefoot days!

    1. LOL I see I forgot to remove my numbers. Oh good grief...I was counting to make sure it was correct.

  2. Now I'm happily lost in those days! Thank you!

    1. I do miss those carefree summer days when I was a kid.


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