Friday, June 8, 2018

Birthday Adventure Vacation -SS

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 10 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

It is Friday! Who's ready to party? ME! It's my birthday! What better day for your birthday to fall on than a Friday, it's the end of the work week, the beginning of the weekend AND it's payday. Let the festivities begin.

(IF) I won an adventure vacation, here is how I would want it to go.

1) fly to first destination, Paris. Check into the luxury hotel and my suite. Where a bath would be drawn in the claw-foot tub that would be sitting in a marble room with french doors opened to overlook the city. A side table with a candle and a glass of champagne are waiting.
After the luxurious bath I would dress in comfortable sight seeing clothes. We (of course I would have my husband along) would set out and find a quaint little cafe where we would enjoy espresso and a croissant. We would tour the city and return to the hotel in the early evening.
Another wonderful bath, a massage and then changing into our evening fancy dinner clothes. We would be whisked off in a limo to the finest restaurant in the city where we would dine on the latest creation of a world renowned chef.
The next morning we would be awaken with breakfast in bed. Then dressing we would head to the airport and fly to our second destination.
2) Upon arrival at our second destination we are taken to the hotel where we put on our (it's okay to get dirty) clothes, LOL, jeans, boots, t-shirt, grab our hats and goggles. yes I said goggles. We are going mudding!! 
We each climb into a jeep and off we go. Flying at breakneck speeds over mounds of dirt as a power sprayer is shooting water all over the track, up hills, through puddles, mud spraying everywhere. Squealing and laughing, spitting out mud and wiping off our  goggles so we can continue the ride.
Stopping for a lunch break we dine on slow roasted pit cooked pork, slaw, hushpuppies and oven baked bacon bbq beans. Then it's back to the track, but a different kind. A dirt racing track where we climb into our cars and head off around the track.
After a fabulous adrenaline filled day we head to the hotel to shower and change.
We take it easy this night and go for burgers and a movie.
3)Day three we wake up and head out to the country side where a hot air balloon awaits us. We climb in and are spellbound at the beauty below us. We enjoy this ride for several hours and make a soft landing in a meadow where a picnic lunch awaits us.
After the lunch we head back to the skies, we land on the beach where a gentleman loads us into a small boat and out we go. Once the land is barely visible we see our next ride. A lovely yacht.
4) adventure 4 begins on the yacht as we sail the seas and head  toward the Bahama's.
We spend 2 fun filled days here, snorkeling, swimming, clamming, sitting by the fire pit at night, drinking, dancing and loving every single minute.
Sadly the adventure ends and we fly back home having made new friends and lots of new memories.
Hey , if I win, I want it to be big.

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Your “Secret Subject” is:
You’ve won an adventure vacation. Do you want to swim with the dolphins? Parasail? Learn to ride in a rodeo? What adventure would you like to try?
It was submitted by:              THANKS KAREN

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  1. I SO want to see this happen for you, for real. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

    1. Thank you. I'd be happy with just one of these days :)

  2. Now I need you to actually WIN this series of trips!!!

    As for me I'd skip day 2. Wouldn't mind spending an extra day in Paris to make up for it ;-)

    Happy birthday, Dawn!

    1. Aww come on now. Haven't you heard...a little dirt never hurt.

  3. No harm in dreaming and what fun!!

  4. The first two would be my worst nightmare, but the last two I’m all about. Especially the yacht.


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