Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ode to My Sock

Welcome and happy May 9th. Today a few of us are sharing our take on the theme "lost sock memorial day" in poetry form. Who came up with this memorial? I'm thinking a mom with several kids who never have matching socks. In her exasperation and possible venting, she spoke to the right person and Viola! Lost Sock Memorial Day was born.

Ode To My Sock

Opening the drawer
I see no more
Where have the socks gone 
In the hamper?
In the trash?
Maybe between the washer and wall
I can't find them all
Searching high
searching low
did wings grow
did they take flight
Once more to the dryer
nothing but lint
back to the dresser
finding not one hint
purse in hand
to the store I go
to buy one more pack
or should I lack
forget socks
forget shoes
bare feet it is

Poem 2
Where are my socks he said
look in the drawer
Do you think I'm a bore
Of course I looked in the drawer
 to the dryer
look insider her
nothing but lint
not even a hint
Where did they go
did someone hide them
but who
are they in my shoe
not in the shoe
not in the basket
not in the drawer
what ever will I do
wait for part 2...

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