Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Bootiful Scream

Good morning! Today is an attempt at poetry by myself and poetry submissions from my blogger buddies. I hope you enjoy it and visit the others. We post once a month and each month have a different theme. As we are all different, each bloggers take on the them is different. At the bottom of the post you will find links to the other brave souls.

A Boo-tiful Scream

She walked gracefully by the stones,
cold and hard like her heart.
her fingers skimmed the tops
feeling the cold hard stone,
wet with evening dew 
causing her to shiver.
A thrill ran through her.
     an owl screeched,
          a limb snapped,
her breath caught in her throat.
A breeze picked up her skirt
and tossed her hair about.
Walking under a tree
she became like a ninja,
as she walked through a spider's web.
The laugh escaped her lips
catching her off guard.
She whirled around to see if anyone was there.
Her eyes lit with mischief.
She began to run.
The faster she ran,
the freer she felt.
She ran until she collapsed
lying on the chilly ground,
panting like a deer for water.
She released a boo-tiful scream
It came from deep within,
     a soulful scream
          a scream of release
               a flood of emotions came with it.
The owl screeched again.
She could hear the crickets.
The wind caressing her skin.
she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.
She stood and walked away,
     forever changed. . .

by the boo-tiful scream

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  1. WOW, I could feel the emotion and the release. Beautifully (or should I say boo-tifully) written, Dawn.

  2. I think that perfect scream must be bubbling up in everyone.
    Release it!
    Wonderful imagery and emotion!


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