Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Their Love

Her dreams were deeper than the enchanted forest,
higher than the mountains,
wider than the open prairie,
and his love took her to places she had never known.

Her heart was full.

Her blood coursed through her veins
faster, stronger, and freer than before.
Her vision was sharper.
Her mind was clearer.
Her breathing was deeper.
Her dreams were more vivid,
and she owed it all to his love.
A love that ran true, strong, deep, and passionate.
A mature love 
of friendship and companionship
and it had stood the test of time.
It had weathered the strain.
it had climbed the laborious mountain of pain
and stood on the crest of the mountain
like a roaring lion
screaming at the mountain top. . .
and are stronger and more resilient for it.

Their love endured forever...

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