Sunday, July 23, 2017

A hot tip...

I drive for a living in the customer service industry...we have some VERY interesting folks. sometimes they border on "ready for a padded room" and sometimes they are VERY wealthy, powerful business men and women.

This particular day, it was...well let's say odd.

We had reached the destination and he paid his fare. He reached in his pocket and drew out several small odd items.

Yep, that's it. My tip. He said with a sly smile and looking around to see if anyone was around, "you know these bottle caps are worth money"
I almost laughed, but saw the seriousness in his weathered face.
"Well sir, I can't accept drugs".
"Oh that thar ain't no drug, it's power pills. If ya take'em it will give you clarity of the future and make ya smarter."
Oh my...
"well, thank you. And the rock? Is it special?"I asked him not sure what he would say and honestly not expecting what I got.
"That thar ain't no rock, that's a piece of the planet that the aliens took me to. We ain't the only ones ya know. They are watching us, waiting for the right time to take over."

He looked around, quickly got out of the car and disappeared into the bushes by the building.
WOW, now that was one strange bird as my Granddaddy would have said.

An alien rock, intelligent pills and money caps...yeah that was my hot tip for the day! LOL
FYI I smelled the pills and I'm pretty sure they were garlic, but either way it all went in the trash. So if anyone finds these items and tries them. You're welcome.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Udder Appreciation

Our monthly poetry group decided to do a second post this month...Cow Appreciation Day! YES!! We went there, be sure to check out the other post, listed at the bottom of my post.
Here in NC there is a delicious chicken fast food place called Chic-fil-a, and every so often they have cow appreciation, if you dress like a cow or wear cow print you get a free sandwich! Because cows love and endorse chicken eating! LOL

Udder Appreciation
Bovine, Bovine,
won'tcha be mine.
with big brown eyes,
that look so kind.
It's cow appreciation time
And I'm doing my best,
not to be like the rest.
You are an udder delight,
when on my plate at night.
Where's the beef?
Between a bun,
Over rice,
served with beans as chili at night.
Your milk is rich, sweet and light,
but when chocolate is added,
it makes it taste out of sight!
Cow Appreciation
we must acknowledge
your sweet existence,
that helps our life.
It may sound mean, cruel or slight
but we could not go a single night,
without your yummy taste
in our tummies dee-light!
You feed us, entertain us and yes
even cloth us.
So thank you cows and farmers everywhere for all you do...
I appreciate cows,
how about you?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Exuberant Vacation

Today is the day! We set off on our family vacation. The kids are totally beside themselves with anticipation. I am busy trying to get everyone organized and packed. 
Finally later in the day, the packing is done, the garden has been harvested one last time before we leave and the kids were outside chasing firefly or lightening bugs. They are giddy and I'm praying they will sleep tonight. Twilight was a perfect time for catching these lovely
The 4th of July, a family vacation, fireworks, walks on the beach, playing in the surf, sipping Mia Tia's by the pool...ah yes I am so ready for this.
After a restless night, I kept going over the packing list in my head, it was dawn and since sleep eluded me, I gave in and started prepping for our departure.
Wouldn't you know it, I didn't even get the first cup of coffee down before the herd came barreling down the steps. WOW how could they possibly be so exuberant and loud so early in the morning? 
So with my list in hand I start assigning task, if not this crowd will be running around and I'll be stuck doing all the work.
Door bell rings, kids go berserk, dog is barking, cat is hissing, I'm about to pull out my hair! Then I hear the voice of an angel!! It's my dear sweet just in the nick of time friend Di. She has come to house/pet sit while we are away and aide me in getting this crowd loaded. Oh gosh I don't know what I'd do without her.
We discuss details, she helps corral the troops and load the jeep. Much sooner than I had thought we are barreling down the road singing 70's songs at the top of our lungs.
Yes, this vacation is just what we need.

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Vacation ~ Exuberant ~ Garden ~ Fireworks ~ Twilight ~ Firefly
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Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reflection Of My Past Life

This post is part of a writing challenge. Each month a group of wonderful blog buddies and I get together for a poetry challenge. We post creative writing challenges on Fridays and it is different each week but repeats monthly. We also do a poetry challenge, this is where we pick a topic and each write our own take on that topic.
This month: reflection was chosen. Be sure to read to the end as you'll find links to their pages.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
A Reflection Of My Past Life
Looking back I see a little girl
scared, unsure and all alone
she searches for meaning
she tries to fit in
searching in vain 
for some encouragement of sorts
she finds something called love
it is dysfunctional
like most of her life
 she grabs hold determined not to let go
falling, faster into the depths of destruction
she looks up
begging for help
but none is to be found
life, love and destruction
she starts over
she finds love
she grabs hold
but again it is in vain
half her life is gone now
she must start over
yet again
this time she looks around
there is no help
she must help herself
she gives herself a pep talk
pulls herself up by the boot straps
she stands tall
takes a deep breath
walks forward into the night
 to begin again
alone but not scared
she will make
she has to
life, self love and no more destruction
she walks like the night
silent and strong
she stands like the mountains
tall, firm and unwavering
she flies like the eagle
high and majestic
the reflection of the past 
only relevant in her eyes when she is alone
she grew, she stood, she survived
because he said she couldn't
because she has to

Friday, July 7, 2017

My Shopping Spree : SSS

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 13 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 
Your “Secret Subject” is:
You have $500 gift card from Amazon. What would you buy and why?
It was submitted by:     

What would I buy with $500 from Amazon?? You know, I hardly ever look at stores or shopping sites because I rarely shop. Now at Christmas or when one of the boys has a birthday I might look around but that's about it. There are a ton of shopping sites, discounted and name brand. I'm just not a shopper. So when I saw this prompt it took some thought.
I'd love a truck, trailer and boat however I don't think I can swing that with only $500.
Clothes, yes I need some new clothes but I refuse to buy anything until I can wear what I have. Since my thyroid removal I've gained weight, which the doctor assured me would fall off. Liar!
ooh a fire stick so I can cancel my satellite! Save myself some money.
A push mower, weed eater and rake, then I could cut out the yard guy each month.
A treadmill maybe so I could walk at night after work and not get eaten my mosquitoes, which by the way if they sucked fat instead of blood I would NOT need a treadmill and this would save on a gym membership.
Hmmm I see a theme, save money! Yep, that's me, practical and frugal.
Okay, something fun, a hammock and sun shades for my back deck. Maybe a stereo so I could blast some tunes while chillin' in the shade.
New shoes, a pair of cow girl boots and a rain coat. Yes, practical but needed. Okay maybe I don't need the boots but I'd love a pair.
A gun. Yes, with my line of work sometimes I need one and have seriously considered getting myself one, but I don't think $500 would do it.
As you can tell I don't shop and have no idea of the cost of some items.
Oooo a SeaDoo, jetski! Another thing that is most likely out of the $500 range.
Ah!! A bed fan! Have you seen these? A fan that attaches to the end of the mattress and cools you off while you sleep. ooh I want one.

So...what would you buy with a gift card?

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Me Without Him

Moving through time
A spiritual being
Trapped in an earthen vessel 
Longing to be free
Needing to breath
Struggling in the flesh
Warring with the emotions
Thirsting for home
Striving for the goal
Seeking out the crown of
Everlasting jewels of righteousness 
Hoping for praise with life giving words

Spending eternity free of pain
No more tears
Nothing but joy
Walking the streets of gold
My heavenly home awaits
For I am an alien in a foreign land
This is not my home
I'm only passing through

I am not alone
He walks with me
Even though I do not see
He talks to me
Even though at times I do not hear
He carries me
Even when I feel left out in the cold
He cares for me
Even when all hope seems lost
He watches, waits and moves
Only when His time is right

He is love
I am love thirsty
He is giving
I am selfish
He is strong
I am weak
He has a plan
I am clueless

Me without Him
Him without me
changes nothing

He is Love

Me Without Him...

Friday, June 30, 2017

Turkey Lurkey : Funny Friday

This is my first Funny Friday post here on Cognitive Script. Previously I posted on my long standing blog Spatulas On Parade. I began SOP 5 years ago as a way to share my recipes with friends/family. It has grown, changed and gone way beyond just a recipe blog. However, I felt the need to change some things and it was way more time consuming and a major event than I originally thought it would be. So, I began this one. Here I will share my thoughts, poems, pet peeves, creative writings and several monthly writing challenges that I participate in; Funny Friday being one of those. I hope you enjoy it and will come back often to see what exactly is going on in this crazy mixed up head of mine.

Funny Friday, June 2017
Today’s post is this month’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.
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Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Baking In A Tornado   

41 - Baking In A Tornado - June 2017.JPG

1. Karen looking out the kitchen window... "IS that a turkey?"

2. Karen's husband "HEY honey, did you order a turkey for Sunday dinner?"

3. Karen, "No why?" Husband "well one just arrived"

4. Karen "oh, put it on the counter, I'll be right in the kitchen"

5. Husband "well I would but he's not dressed yet!" LOL

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

True Love - I'm looking for you

True love, does it exist anymore? Do people really fall in love forever these days? It is rare if so. We live in a throw away society. It is too easy to get married and far to easy to get divorced. Folks do not respect the sanctity of marriage, the commitment, the vows. It's hard work and the majority just get busy with life, work, kids, bills, lack of money because they are living above their means and they lose sight of what brought them together in the first place. So when the relationship needs work, they walk away, it's so much easier.
Something else I have noticed. Most people who claim to be "in love" are just in lust. Not love.
Love, what is it?
According to the dictionary: love is= (found at
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
sexual passion or desire.
a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or thelike):
Would you like to see a movie, love?
a love affairan intensely amorous incident; amour.
sexual intercourse; copulation.
verb (used with object)loved, loving.
to have love or affection for:
All her pupils love her.
to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (anotherperson).
to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in:
to love music.
to need or require; benefit greatly from:
Plants love sunlight.
to embrace and kiss (someone), as a lover.
to have sexual intercourse with.
verb (used without object)loved, loving.
to have love or affection for another person; be in love.
Verb phrases
love up, to hug and cuddle:
She loves him up every chance she gets.
for love,
  1. out of affection or liking; for pleasure.
  2. without compensation; gratuitously:
    He took care of the poor for love.
for the love of, in consideration of; for the sake of:
For the love of mercy, stop that noise.
in love, infused with or feeling deep affection or passion:
a youth always in love.
in love with, feeling deep affection or passion for (a person, idea,occupation, etc.); enamored of:
in love with the girl next door; in love with one's work.
make love,
  1. to embrace and kiss as lovers.
  2. to engage in sexual activity.
no love lost, dislike; animosity:
There was no love lost between the two brothers.
before 900; (noun) Middle English; Old English lufu, cognate with OldFrisian luve, Old High German luba, Gothic lubō; (v.) Middle Englishlov(i)en, Old English lufian; cognate with Old Frisian luvia, Old HighGerman lubōn to love, Latin lubēre (later libēreto be pleasing; akin to lief
Related forms
outlove, verb (used with object), outloved, outloving.
overlove, verb, overloved, overloving.
1. tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration. 1, 2.Love, affection, devotion all mean a deep and enduring emotional regard,usually for another person. Love may apply to various kinds of regard: thecharity of the Creator, reverent adoration toward God or toward a person,the relation of parent and child, the regard of friends for each other,romantic feelings for another person, etc. Affection is a fondness for othersthat is enduring and tender, but calm. Devotion is an intense love andsteadfast, enduring loyalty to a person; it may also imply consecration to acause. 2. liking, inclination, regard, friendliness. 15. like. 16. adore,adulate, worship.
1, 2. hatred, dislike. 15, 16. detest, hate. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2017.
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With all of that said, I wonder where "real love" has gone. Couples hop from one relationship to another, one bed to another, some having several partners simultaneously. With no concern for feelings, consequences or even their life. Disease is no joke, some serious illnesses can be passed around to unsuspecting partners.
The biggest issue is this, what is real love? I think real love is finding your best friend. The one who "gets you" when others think you're weird. He finishes your sentences, knows your thoughts before you do, buys you the perfect gift every time even when you don't tell him what you want. He knows your favorite resturant, what you order, your favorite drink, color, flower, song, your worst fears, nightmares and life long dreams. He knows secrets that you've never told another living soul. And you know all these things about him as well. He has your back no matter if you're right or wrong. He knows exactly what to say and what not to, he holds you when you're scared and makes you laugh when it's inappropriate. He drives you nuts in good and bad ways. When the going gets tough, you might yell at each other, you might think about quitting but the thought of being without this person makes it difficult to breath and so you work through it. You laugh hard, you work hard, you love harder.
Does true love exist anymore? I don't know, but I'm determined to find out. I'm looking, seeking and praying to find it. I thought once I had it and was devastated when it turned out to be a ruse but I have faith, determination and a great desire to find that "one special someone" who is my "one and only" the great love of my life. I seriously hope I'm not wrong and that I'm not living some school girl fairy tale but I want all that I listed above and think that it is mine for the asking. I'm asking, I'm knocking at the door and I'm waiting.
I pray that whoever he is, he hasn't given up and settled for less than, I hope he hasn't quit looking and that one day, soon and very soon, we will find each other and in the words of a starry eyed school girl, we will live happily ever after.