Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Jokers Wild - poetry

Welcome to the April edition of collaborative bloggers picking a theme and writing poetry about that subject. It could be haiku, free verse, prose or anything they choose. This month the theme is HA! Jokes On You in honor of April Fool's Day which of course we know has passed but the subject matter was just too good to pass up. At the bottom of this post you'll find links to the others. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

Ode To The Prankster
He saw them sitting there
round and fat
but knew he should eat a pear
but there they sat

Picking up one
so light and fluffy
he would gain a ton
from one bite of the puffy

Oh sweet joy
the sugar
oh boy
wait is that a booger

His mind was playing tricks
no booger but a lump of sugar
ah yes, this one he would pick
and bite it now or sooner

What a surprise
not sweet at all but gooey inside
white cream oh no
it was mayo!

HA! The Jokes On You

Now, can you imagine, seeing your favorite cream filled donuts sitting on the table just waiting for you to devour one. You pick it up, take a bite and find it is filled with mayo??? OMG someone would tote a serious @$$ whooping! No joke. I'd be livid! And most likely throwing up too. Eww nasty.

Jokers Wild
April first is filled with pranks
jokers run wild at every turn
be careful what you eat or drink
you might wind up with a belly full of ink

Your favorite muffin
could be meatloaf in disguise
raspberry sauce is ketchup
and who knows what else is inside

Jokers are wild
every April
so beware what you're taking
I'm sure you'll be mistaking
all kinds of goodness for ewws inside

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit the other wonderfully talented bloggers who are participating. I try, I enjoy it but a poet I am not.

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  1. If the sign of a successful poem is that it made my stomach turn, your first one was very successful, LOL.
    And what it this putting the rest of us to shame with not one but two poems. Overachiever!


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