Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ccccold Days!! - Poetry

Welcome to the December issue of poetry...this month's theme is Cold Days. If you haven't stopped by before, each month several of my blogger friends get together, pick a theme, and write poetry, prose, haiku or free verse to said theme. I hope you'll stop by each one and see how each person interruperted the Cold Days theme.
Bundle up, stay warm and enjoy your day.

Ccccold Days!!
Cold days upon us
Snow falls gently all around
Frosty stands proudly

# 2
Snow drifts standing tall
Snowballs flying high and fast
target hit, man down

# 3
cold and dreary days
hot chocolate by the fire
cold nose and warm toes
Lydia of Cluttered Genius


  1. Oh, you've caught it perfectly! Well done!

  2. Exactly what Diane said, you capture the season perfectly in very few words!

  3. It's like three little images of the perfection of this season :)


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