Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Our once a month poetry collaboration theme is...pumpkins! I mean, it is October. 😃

Orange and round,
Filled with sweet meat.
Autumn is here,
It's pumpkins we eat.

In pies or in cakes,
It matters not which.
Smoothies or shakes,
All our tastebuds will twitch.

The above poem is compliments of my husband. Author Darrell Bedingfield
you can find his book Accidental Tenderness on Amazon.

Pumpkins pumpkins
round and sweet
full of seeds
and juice meat

pumpkins pumpkins
carved with faces
candles inside
in scary places

pumpkins pumpkins
orange or painted
sitting on steps
and yards with hay bales
by: Cognitive Script


  1. Super cute. I will admit to hating everything pumpkin flavored. I've been able to stomach pumpkin pie only once. And pumpkin bread is a strong maybe ;)


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