Friday, October 12, 2018

Room With A View - UYW

Standing at the window looking out over the parking lot I felt hopeless. Would I ever be released? I had been couped up in this room for 3 weeks.
Over on the next roof top I could see a pool and several kids running around. It looked like their mom was having a nap. Oh how I would love to dip my toes in that pool, even if only for a minute.
Turning I saw my new coffee plant needed some water. I sighed, didn't we all, in some form? Water, nourishment, substance for the body and soul.
Little did I know when I accepted the position of Creative Designer with the overseas organization that it would be both a gift and a curse. A gift and a wonderful one at that, living overseas with all expenses paid PLUS a salary, I mean it was a dream come true but then there was the curse. Had I realized when I accepted the position that I would be locked down in a resort/compound in the Middle East I definitely would have reconsidered saying yes so quickly.
I missed my family. I missed my friends but most of all I missed my freedom. Oh I could leave but only with a guard and still I was confined to the compound. Now granted, it was massive and had everything you could want or imagine, except for freedom. I could not leave these walls or go near the gates that were heavily armed with guards, tanks and who knew what else.
My room had a view and a lovely one but it was oh so lonely too. Walking over to the couch and sitting down I picked up the contract. A courier had dropped off my new contract this morning. I still could not believe it, picking it up and seeing that number! WOW, it had not changed since I read it earlier. THREE MILLION dollars to stay another year!! Could I do it? Should I do it? My head hurt, reaching for my cell I hit speed dial as I remembered the time difference I hoped he wouldn't be upset for this ungodly hour with his phone ringing.
"uh hhello?"
"Hey, I know it's a crazy hour to be calling you but I just needed to hear your voice." I waited, hearing him take a breath I knew he was rubbing his face and trying to wake up.
"Okay, hey baby, what's going on? Talk to me." As a smile spread across my face, just hearing his voice gave me strength.
"They dropped off a new contract today. You're not going to believe this!"

Your words are:
gift ~ hopeless ~ dip ~ plant ~ organization 

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  1. Love the way you spun this story, now I need to hear more.

  2. That would be a very hard choice! Three million is a lot of money. Great story is it fact or fiction?


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