Friday, September 7, 2018

Well Bust My Britches - SSS

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 8 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

Well bust my britches! Of course Karen would want to know my "embarrassing story" and I'd love to say I don't have one. Actually I have several but I'm choosing the least embarrassing one. Well, not really because they were all really bad in my head.

So it's shopping day. I'm out the door with my favorite shirt and jeans on. Double check, yep, list, phone, wallet, debit card and keys. So I'm off. I hit the first store, in and out in record time. The dreaded Wally World, now I drive straight across the street, I survived that my reward is an iced coffee from DD. Mmm mmm
Now I'm out in traffic again, it is horrible here in HOTLanta. I make it to my favorite store, Aldi. I get my shopping done. They had everything on my list. I bag it all up and to the truck I go. It's loaded up, I return my cart and head for home.
Once everything is in the house, took a couple of trips. I'm off to the little girls room.
Okay...I'm sitting there and look down. Hmm my jeans look funny.
OMG to my horror, oh it is NOT funny! My jeans are ripped!! NOT a tear, not a little hole. I mean RIPPED like a BIG gaping hole!
HOLY CRAP WHEN did this happen???? Did I walk around in ALL THREE stores like this? Could anyone see my thighs?? Oh dear sweet mama!
I can't even get up. I'm sitting there horrified. I finally get up the courage, get up and check myself in the mirror. I can't tell.
I go about putting away the stuff and groceries. Hubby comes home for lunch and I'm like "Hey look at my butt and tell me if you see anything"
OKAY not the best way to ask this question!
He's like "woo hoo I've got time."
I said "time for what?"
He said "never mind, obviously that's not what you meant."
I just rolled my eyes. "NO that's not what I meant!"
I said "LOOK "
He said "okay I'm looking but for what?"
I said "do you see anything?"
He says "yes, your butt, why?"
I said, "do my jeans look weird?" I walk a little.
He said "wait, wait, come here"
I walk over to him, he looks at me and says "Umm you can't wear those out anymore."
I'm almost in tears! OMG You can tell!!!!
He's laughing, I'm laughing/crying "It's not funny"
Aww come here I'm sorry.
I said, OMG I was all over 3 stores! he said "honey you were in WM do you really think anyone noticed?"
I said "OMG I hope not, I don't want to be one"

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  1. People of Walmart, haha, yeah! Not to worry, though. These days they actually sell pants with holes in the strangest spots, and they're pricey, too.
    It's actually a good thing you didn't notice till you got home. That way you moved around all naturally and confident. Yay you!!

  2. Hope you don't mind my laughing or my saying sorry, but it's official, you are one of THOSE people!

  3. Haha! I think I've seen you on one of those videos!

  4. I'll be looking for you at Walmart!

  5. LOL!! I wore two different shoes to work one day, if that makes you feel any better!


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