Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Her Frosty Heart

Hi and welcome to the February group poetry post. Each month we pick a theme, then each blogger chooses their way of interperting that theme into a poem, hiaku, lymeric or prose. Be sure to visit each one as their links are listed at the bottom of this post.
This month's theme...frosty.

Her Frosty Heart

Young love
so hungry and lustful
a heart so warm and free
but oh how cold it becomes
when she is a woman scorned

A once warm loving heart
now cold, ridgidy and unforgiving

She stares out the window 
at lovers walking by
hand in hand
all starry eyed

She snorts and laughs
oh you fools
she says to herself

And then their eyes meet
for a moment the ice begins to melt
her frosty heart
it feels something

She turns and looks the other way
no she has been here before
and will not go down this path
love only becomes lonely nights

Her frosty heart begs
it cries from within
it warms to feel the warmth again
if only for a few fleeting moments

She glances back
but alas he is gone
oh wait, what is this?
He is beside her asking if he may join her

Her frosty heart 
oh it begins to sing
songs of love and spring
the melting begins

she wants to be young and free
to love and be loved
but dare she
yes, she must.

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  1. Your poem gave me chills. So sweet to find hope again after being hurt.


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