Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Welcome to the monthly poetry challenge. Several bloggers get together each month, pick a theme and attempt to write a poem. Some are more successful than others. Be sure to scroll down and visit the others.

Be Late For Something Day - poetry challenge

Better late than never they say
but is that really true
for if you are late for everything
what will you be due?

If you return a book late
there are fees involved
If your credit card payment is late
the fees evolve

If you are late for your monthly cycle
a baby will ensue
and if you are late feeding
screaming will pursue

Deadlines are set
time lines are in effect
payments are due
to include the rent

Lights turn red
we must stop
or be dead

Turn off the stove
or burn your honeys dinner

So is it true?
Better late than never?
I ask you...

Consider others time
consider the possible consequences
think about this rhyme
the next time you need to be on time.

Is it...better late than never?

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  1. Love this poem, fun and funny but so true. As soon as my kids started driving I told them over and over again I'd rather they be late, even if they miss a test or a plane, than suffer the consequences of making bad decisions while driving just to be on time.

    1. Boys...they love to speed, late or not. oy

  2. I'm thinking late once a year is about all we can handle! ;)

    1. hahaha yeah, I don't do late, it causes anxiety

  3. Late makes me bonkers! I feel so irresponsible and frustrated when I'm 2 minutes EARLY! :)


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