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What Happened To Sue? - UYW June

Hi folks, first let me say that I have enjoyed my time here and that it has given me a safe place to write, put down thoughts and works some things out.This is my last CS post. Life changes all the time and we must change with it so with that being said, as of June 18th I will no longer be posting on this blog. I will continue to write post, share stories, participate in challenges, and a host of other things. You will be able to find me HERE. This link will explain it all. THANK YOU for stopping by, reading and commenting. I hope you will continue to enjoy my ramblings as I concentrate on merging the two into one.
Today's post...

Ted reached for a cup out of the dishwasher and wondering where it all went wrong. Murphy's Law some would say, others had said karma, just bad luck and one had even gone so far as to say "you reap what you sow". He would refrain from what he really wanted to say and that was that Sue was just a mean b!tch. He thought it but would never say it out loud. Pouring water into the cup he stood looking out the kitchen window and remembering the events of the last 24 hours.
What had happened? Sue had called him in a rage just as he was trying to maneuver the five o'clock traffic. (read it here) He had stopped for the coveted cupcake for Joaquin and driven home. Only to be horrified as he entered the kitchen from the garage.
Standing frozen was little Joaquin, looking down on his mother, tears streaming down his face. Jasper his ever faithful companion was whining and licking his little fingers.
There on the floor, covered in some type of yellowish liquid was Sue. A crumpled heap, limbs twisted, head gashed, blood on her hands and face...Ted shivered at the memory.
Oh God he crossed himself, what if, what if I hadn't of gotten the cupcake, what if I had just driven home and faced her wrath, what if? No, he shook himself. He couldn't go there. It wasn't his fault. She was the food obsessed with that damn rabbit not him.
That poor rabbit had only gotten a sample of what she was really capable of, another shiver went down his spine.
Ding Dong
Doorbell, "now who could that be?" Ted wandered down the hall making his way to the front door as Jasper trotted in front of him.
Opening the door, there stood the sheriff and two detectives. "oh joy" Ted thought, more questions.
"Hello, Mr. Barnes or should I call you Ted?" the detective extended his hand.
Ted just stood there looking at the outstretched hand, not moving.
"Sir, we're sorry to bother you again" said the sheriff, "but we do have a few more questions."
"yeah sure" Ted said in a monotone voice completely void of any emotion at all. He saw the Detective Gordon raise an eye brow. 
"Don't give me that look!"Ted shot off.  
"HOW Dare you come to MY home, question me and judge me! AND save your speech, you can preach it to someone who cares!" He slammed the door and the doorbell immediately rang.
Jasper went into a barking howling fit and Joaquin could be hear crying upstairs.
Great, Ted thought. Why doesn't everything just go to hell in hand basket this morning.
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  1. I'm not going to say Sue deserved whatever happened to her, but...I've enjoyed the story and this blog, Dawn. Hope I can follow you to your next one. Best of luck with it <3

  2. Ooohh, not sure if it's wise to slam the door at a cop...? Hope it won't backfire.

  3. I suppose I'm another one who sounds heartless but that Sue was asking for it.

  4. I'll never think of rabbits the same after all this

  5. Oh, Ted, Ted, Ted. Nothing good ever comes of slamming the door on a cop! Well . . . apart from creating a really good story that makes everyone want to keep reading . . .


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