Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Longer Days - poetry

Our poetry theme this month is Longer Days, pretty appropriate considering it is summer time and exactly that, longer days.

Longer Days
Summer time oh sweet summer time
how I have missed your sunshine

sun shining bright
no school in sight

oh how I've missed you summer time

early mornings
no laying around
sleepy head

chasing kites
fishing poles and worms
cars loaded for the beach
oh the sun burn

oh how I've missed you summer time

fireflys and hummingbirds
catfish and tadpoles
picnics and camping
s'mores by the dozen

late night movies
outside play until ten
running and jumping
then we get up and do it again

Longer Days
what a joy
but by summers end
we are tired and sore!

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  1. Great poem, brought back memories. And I love that we both mentioned fireflies!

  2. So tired! But I love how upbeat this is - quite the difference from my take. Ha! I look forward to the kids being a bit older so we can do just this!


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