Friday, May 17, 2019

Shady Lady - UYW May

Another day another dollar thought Ted as he tossed his pencil onto the desk. It landed on the eraser and did a little bounce. He stood there, glanced over at the copier and said out loud "PLEEEASE let the rabbit be gone when I get home". That dadgum rabbit was the bane of his existence here of late.
Sue had totally lost her mind and became "the shady lady" as the neighbors now jokingly referred to her. But in all honesty she was crazy, it was like she had some sort of alter ego a dual personality and was completely fixated on the demise of the rabbit.
Ted chuckled to himself, that rabbit had definitely gotten the better of her on more than one occasion. Clearing his throat and straightening his jacket he prepared to walk out of the office, the silent joyful office and into his car where he'd drive home to possible chaos.
Ted was almost home when the incoming call popped up on the screen on his dashboard. He sighed, it was Sue. Crap...he punched accept, even though he desperately wanted to hit ignore.
"Hi dear, what's up?" He tried to sound light-hearted. 
"Don't you DEAR ME!" She screeched into the phone. He cringed and without taking a breath she launched in with, "That damned rabbit, that's what's up! I bought a cupcake, just one! It was going to be a surprise for my precious little man today when I picked him up from preschool. BUT NO! I come home to what??? NO DAMN CUP CAKE THAT'S WHAT TED!! AND AND DO YOU KNOW WHY TED??? I'LL TELL YOU WHY. THAT DAMNED RABBIT THAT'S WHY!!!"
Oh sweet mother of all that is holy, why why why did this rabbit torment them?
Waiting for her to breathe, he kept driving, remained calm but inside it was a major battle. His inside were quaking. Her shrill voice, the screaming, well just her all together.
"TED do not tell me that you are NOT listening to me!" oh crap, he zoned out. Clearing his throat, he said, trying to be as convincing as possible "OF course I was listening but I'm also driving and trying to be get run over by these five o'clock idiots."
"TED I DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS IF YOU GET RUN OVER BUT YOU BETTER NOT BE DEAD AND YOU MUST YES YOU MUST STOP AND GET A CUPCAKE DO YOU HEAR ME!?" dear sweet heaven how could he not hear her, he was positive that the sweet older couple next door could hear her.
"Yes dear, I hear you. I'll stop and get his favorite. That means I'll be about another hour  before getting home as this traffic is wall to wall."
Taking a deep breath he wondered if it was worth it. If working his butt off day in and day out for all the "things" they enjoyed was worth it. It seemed that since they bought "the" house and "the" cars that she was no happy even though it was what she wanted. They fought all the time. She yelled, cussed and threatened him. WHY? Why should he continue to put up with it. He knew why and he was stopping to get the why a cupcake.

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pencil ~ cupcake ~ copier ~ bounce ~ shady
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  1. Poor Ted. I think maybe for her birthday he should buy Sue a few visits to a psychologist. Or a spa. Or both.

  2. Poor Ted needs a divorce and custody of the cupcake eater. Good Heavens! Love the story, Dawn!

  3. Absolutely priceless! I do think that wrascally wrabbit is outliving its usefulness! ;)

  4. That's an interesting thing to reflect on further... why do "the" house and "the car" not make people happy..?
    Damn rabbit, though. Who knew they like cupcakes?

  5. UH oh! Is Ted getting fed up? Is the rabbit getting fat? Tune in next month for another installment of As The Rabbit Runs. I'm cheering for the rabbit, but also Ted poor guy!


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