Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Out With The Fuzzy - poetry challenge November 2018

Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Today we, a group of bloggers, are posting our prose on the theme "Clean Out Your Fridge Day" one of the many crazy holidays on the calendar.
Do you clean out your fridge often? I do. Every week before I go grocery shopping I rearrange things, toss out things and dig in the back to see what has been pushed aside and forgotten. But every so often, okay, more often than I  care to admit, the vegetable bin gets neglected and I find fuzzy stuff that I'm not quiet sure what is anymore. Oy! 
At the end of the post you'll find links to the others. ENJOY!

Out With The Fuzzy
A cold wet Wednesday
what do I do
I open up the fridge
and say how do you do

I find a green blob
kinda looks like jello
uh oh hello
it's a moldy jello

Another container
hidden behind the milk
it used to be mashed potatoes
or so I think

squishy cucumbers
all watery and gross
a block of cheese
that now looks like a nose

the power went off
for a few days
thank you hurricane Flo
you've been a real hag

fuzzy jello
green cheese
sour milk
and boy does it stink!

Dumping containers
full of this and that
tossing out food
that I wouldn't feed a bat

Wiping down shelves
wow how it all sparkles
now I'm done
until the next debacle


Karen from Baking In A Tornado
Lydia from Cluttered Genius
Diane of On the Boarder


  1. Ha, exactly how I feel, done until the next debacle, which is always sooner than I'd like.

    1. Cleaned mine out again yesterday. I swear it's like dusting, cooking, sweeping,it has to be done over and over and over. LOL

  2. Gahhh! The smell is all too familiar!

    1. Oh how I despise to open the fridge and smell something nasty. eww


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