Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Walking Wild

Welcome to this month's poetry group posting. At the end of this post you'll find links to the other participants.
Our theme this month...walking on the wild side. Well if this was a short story or essay I could just tell you all about my teenage years but since it's poetry, I'll do my best.

Late nights
no care for frights
a drink, a ride
not trying to hide

Fast cars
fast guys
sneaking in bars
late night highs

Walking Wild
this carefree child
skipping school
being a fool

Friends cheering you on
as you chug a pint
until you are far gone
and all for spite

Waking up one day
to see yourself in the light
and saying hey
no more, and with all my might

Wild Child
you need to chill
before you get killed

It's time to calm down
grow up and chill
no more frowns
as your pass by the grill

Walking Wild
but in a different spirit
passionate about life
loving each moment but responsibly

Other participants:
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  1. I think this absolutely captures the wild side of many a teenager! Sometimes I wish I could go back and be just a tad more wild!

  2. I never was the wild child. but I certainly saw many friends through it. It looked painful! :)

  3. I absolutely love this poem...especially watching too many wild children leave this earth too soon. <3

  4. Well this one certainly hit home for me, been there done that too. Great poem about maturity.


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