Friday, March 8, 2019

No Longer Friends -March SSS

Have you ever had a friend for YEARS and all of a sudden you're not? I have. It is devastating. seriously. Not once but twice I have had this happen.

My friend...we'll say Monique, we had been friends for over 20 years. Our husbands were friends, her kids babysat my kids, we went to church together, shopping together, damn we even went on vacation together a few times.
Then one day there was a misunderstanding about when I would be at her house to clean for her. She had become disabled and I was cleaning for her every week. I couldn't make it and had phoned to schedule a different time. She misunderstood and next thing I know. BAM! No phone calls, no return calls. No email returns and then her husband contacts me and says I am blocked and for me to NO LONGER come around or call.
WTH are you kidding me?
I returned his email and explained my side of what happened. He said he was siding with his wife and that she no longer wanted to hear from me.
She even told mutual friends that they could not mention my name in her presence any longer.
One mutual friend is a licensed counselor, she has in the past offered to mediate but she refuses.
There is nothing else I can do. I  worried over it, fretted, fussed, prayed and was battling migraine headaches for a while and one day decided enough was enough. I let it go. It saddens me on occasion if I think about it too long but it is what it is.

People are put in our lives for different reasons and different seasons.

Your “Secret Subject” is:
If one of your closest friends made it obvious that he/she no longer wants to have a relationship would you pursue it to find out why?
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  1. That’s sad. I’ve never had that happen but my oldest and dearest died in her sleep because of a stroke when she was only 41. M other best friend committed suicide when she was 39. I miss them both.

  2. Incredibly sad, but if a friendship has deteriorated to the point that it's just about what one can do for the other, it was bound to end at some point. I know that doesn't make you feel any better but I hope you know that true friendship needs to be a 2 way street.

  3. I have had that happen and even though it has been years, I never found out what happened. We spoke everyday and were planning coffee together in a couple days. She didn't show and I have heard from her again. Not a clue! She blocked me, etc just like you experienced. Bottom line.....their loss but it still hurts.

  4. It's devastating when that happens. And to not know why? Makes it worse. BUT you do have some good friends now. Hope that helps!

  5. I do agree that most people are in your life for different reasons and different seasons. Sometimes it works out for the best when someone closes that door for you or even when you have to be the one to do it yourself. I'm glad you've made peace with it.


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