Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My Heart My Gift

Welcome to the February poetry post, our theme this month is hearts, imagine that. Seriously, we try and hope that you enjoy all our efforts.

In January I shared about Sijo poetry. A Korean form of Haiku but with 3 lines only, each line consisting of 14-16 syllables and totaling no more than 44-46.
I found it a challenge after writing Haiku poetry for a few months, so I'm giving it another shot this month.

My Heart My Gift
Once a year we give gifts of love they come from our hearts
my gift to you is my heart please guard it as you would your own
it is needy, fragile and breaks when hurt, so give it lots of love

Haiku version
it will ebb and flow
is wrapped with emotions strong
my heart is my gift


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  1. Love them both. I think it is so much more challenging to say so much using so few words and you've done it beautifully.

  2. Γ€mazing!
    I've never been able to master haiku. And now I've added Sijo to the list!!

  3. So I love these! And I love that you're experimenting with form!

  4. Oh no poor rabbit! Great story though...does that concoction really work?


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