Friday, February 1, 2019

From Rabbits to Squirrels - Feb 2019 SSS

You're back! Oh how wonderful, grab a chair, a cup of tea/coffee and prop up those tootsies. Today is Secret Subject Swap. This week 8 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Now we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 
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Ted was outside yelling like a fool. What in the hell is he yelling at now? thought Sue. She walked closer to the window and cracked it open.
"You stupid little rodent! I have told you over and over that THIS is the bird food! YOUR food is over there!" he was pointing wildly at a corn cob tied to a limb. The squirrel was none to impressed with this behavior. He cocked his head from one side to the other, then sprang forward, grabbed a mouthful of bird feed and he was off and running.
Ted was running too! "YOU damned fuzzy tailed little mongrel, if I get my hands on you... his voice trailed off. There in the path going into the trees behind his house, was IT. That dadgum rabbit!! OMG he thought Sue had killed that thing. He looked over his shoulder toward the house, shoot, she was standing at the window watching him. Probably thought he had lost his mind.
Sue leaned closer, what was he looking at?, oh it better not be! THAT RABBIT?!
Running out the back door, down the steps and picking up speed she crossed the lawn in two seconds flat. The rabbit, ears up, turned and disappeared in to the bushes.
"WHERE IS HE, WHERE IS HE?!" Sue was screaming.
Ted looked at her and said "who" in a timid voice.
"WHAT?!!! DID YOU ASK ME WHO? TED you know damned well who. That filthy varmint, that son of a...." she stopped, she saw her neighbors peering over the fence. Oh crap.
"Hey Ted, Sue, everything okay over there?" asked Bob the old nosy retired neighbor that moved in last year.
Changing too a sweet voice Sue replied "Oh sorry Bob just some rodent issues, a wild rabbit that has been wreaking havoc for a while now. Nothing to worry about." She turned and headed toward the house.
Bob and Mary looked at each other, shrugged and head back to their deck chairs. Just as they sat down, they heard those fools neighbors again.
"I'm not yelling at you I'm yelling at the birds, telling them to peck the crap out of that squirrel next time he shows his beady little face here around the feeder again." Ted was yelling but was bringing his voice down as he saw Sue getting red faced, he knew he needed to calm down. These damned animals were making them both crazy.
Sue was already inside, stirring her coffee when she heard a scratching sound. She turned slowly and Jasper was looking right into the eyes of that squirrel who was NOW sitting on the counter eating one of her walnuts!
AARRGGHH she screamed and the squirrel jumped out the window, Jasper nearly catching him by the tail was now howling at the door to get out.
Bob and Mary sitting outside enjoying a sunny afternoon Tom Collins was again interrupted by those fools next door. Sighing they got up and went inside.

Are you wondering what rabbit? Here you can find two other short stories featuring the rabbit, Jasper and the fools next door.

Your “Secret Subject” is:
You hear your neighbor having a loud, aggressive verbal fight with a squirrel that steals from all the neighborhood bird feeders. Tell us a story about the dialogue from the neighbor's perspective or tell us one from yours.
It was submitted by:  THANK YOU Jenniy


  1. Who needs a TV if they have neighbors like Sue and Ted..?! ;-)

  2. I should have been their next door neighbors, I would have stayed out there and enjoyed the show!

  3. Ha! Didn't know you had met my neighbors..

  4. Haha! I've done that before! It's so embarrassing to be caught acting like a fool!


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