Friday, January 4, 2019

Jasper ... Jan 2019 SSS

Hi and welcome to Cognitive Script a place where my thoughts and ideas become short stories, poems and rambling writings. Each Friday you will find a post where I am participating with other bloggers, writing challenges and creative writing posts of sorts. Today's post is the first of 2019. I hope you enjoy it and will continue to stop by each Friday as each week is something different. There will also be poetry post every second Wednesday of the month.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 6 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

Jumping Jackrabbit! Ted exclaimed as he looked out the kitchen window. Sue was sipping her coffee and scrolling through Facebook, her reply was an uninterested "uh hmm" and another sip.
"Seriously! Sue, come over here and LOOK!!" Ted's voice was a good 3 decibels higher than normal and it was grating on Sue's last nerve on this early Monday morning.
She stood, slowly walked toward the kitchen and window and "WHAT THE HE..." trailed off as little Joaquin entered the room rubbing sleepy eyes.
Sue caught herself just in time but didn't take her eyes off what she saw outside. Jasper had himself a rabbit and not just any rabbit, this things must be mutant because it was huge. Poor ol' Jasper their 11 year old beagle was giving it a run for it's money. Jasper would snatch that thing up, whip it around, shake it good and hard, and drop it. Which he shouldn't have done, because that rabbit looked like a kangaroo. He'd sit back on his hind legs and kick the tar out of ol' Jasper.
Joaquin walked over and tugged on Sue's robe, "UP Mommy" and she obliged. He followed the eyes of his parents and saw the sight.
"MOMMY MOMMY BUNNY!" he yelled as he bounced in her arms.
"Yes honey, mommy sees the bunny. Now Ted shouldn't you call animal control or turn the hose on that... thing?" Sue was concerned for ol' Jasper.
Ted shook his head. "I'm not going out there."
Oh of course you're not you big worthless chicken she thought. She handed him the boy and walked to the back door without hesitation.
She jerked open the door and yelled "JASPER, drop that mangy old thing and get over here!" The dog paid her no attention, but the rabbit did. I swear she thought, that thing is looking straight at me with fire it his eyes, maybe I should go back in. No, she walked over to the hose, picked it up, walked to the faucet and turn the knob. The hose sprang to life as it filled with water, she turned and took aim.
She stood firm, held the hose like a rifle and yelled "READY AIM FIRE!" and BLAST she was knocking that rabbit all over the yard with water. The dog yelped and ran out of the line of fire.
Sue could hear her little boy yelling inside "GET'EM MOMMY!" and Ted laughing. Oh yeah laugh you coward but I'm out here protecting my dog and yard. She was not in the mood for this today.
Finally the rabbit was out of the line of fire, and the first thing he did was JUMP straight up on the trampoline and over the fence.
He was gone, but was it for good? Would they see this menace again? Only time will tell.

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Your “Secret Subject” is: Jumping jackrabbit . . . and go!


  1. Ha ha, love this story, hope that rabbit makes a return visit!

  2. lol, have you been hiding at my house lately? Cos I would be the one kicking butt

    1. LOL me too! I'd grab that rabbit by the ears.

  3. All I'm saying is "good thing Sue has had her coffee yet" ;-)


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