Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Balm To My Soul

Hi and welcome. Today's post is participation in a group post. Each month we pick a them and then each blogger/writer chooses how they will interrupt that theme. Poetry is fluid, pictures in word form, free verse, prose or haiku, whatever you choose. It is an expression from ones inner most soul and I hope you enjoy each one of the verses given from all who took time to write for today's post. Our theme...National Relaxation Day - August 2018 Poetry collaboration post.

Sitting by the water
breathing in salt air
warm breeze stirs my hair

Standing on the edge
of concern and
giving in to woe

breathing in salt air
it gives balm
to my weary soul

a gentle breeze
sun kissed cheeks
birds in the wind

waves on the ocean
a boat floating by
dolphins playing carefree
all this by the seaside

I sit and soak it in
breathing in the salt air
until my worries are carried away
then I rise to face yet another day

Driving home
refreshed and renewed
my spirit can handle
another week or two
I took this photo at Shell Point near Harkers Island NC on November 30, 2015

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  1. How appropriate this is to all that's happened since you wrote it. I hope you get back to the water soon and it helps your spirit to heal as your body does as well.

  2. Ohh the ocean. Truly a balm to the weary soul. <3


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